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E-safety is high on our agenda here at Model CIW School.  As we are living in an increasingly digital age the importance of children understanding how to stay safe online is a primary concern.  As well as delivering a planned and progressive E-Safety curriculum, we are working towards the 360˚ Safe Mark for E-safety.  A Police Liaison Officer also visits school to support the learning within the classroom, and to ensure that safeguarding messages are shared with the children and staff.

Copies of our Acceptable Use Agreements can be found in ‘Documents’.  It is important that all pupils sign and agree to these terms. 

Each class follows the SMART rules for online safety. Following a whole school competition, 2 winning posters were chosen and now appear in ever Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 class.

We would like share with you some useful tips in relation to being E-safe when using digital devices at home:

  1. Ensure that a child’s online access is supervised
  2. Ensure that security settings and parental controls are enabled on all digital devices used at home
  3. Be aware that some social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have age restrictions of 13+
  4. Remind children of the SMART rules for E-Safety
  5. Agree with your child that if they are worried about something online they are to tell a trusted adult – communication is key!









Children are continually developing their ICT skills in readiness for our technological world which is forever advancing. Together we hope to ensure our children have consistent and embedded E-Safety knowledge and understanding.


This year our Digital Champions created a logo to promote Online Safety as part of a competition for Safer Internet Day 2017.  Our logo was shortlisted and we attended an awards ceremony in the Senedd, Cardiff.  We were thrilled to have been awarded 'Highly Commened'.  Our logo is now on display in every classroom and around the school to serve as a visual reminder of Online Safety. 

Following our success, we were asked by Childnet to participate in a photo campaign to promote the importance of keeping details safe when online.  Digital Champions created 'an emoji quiz' which showed a SMART rule.  Have a look at the photos above and see if you can work out the rule?

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